Verb with -ing


After the following verbs we generally use the –ing form in the following verb:
Stop, postpone, mind, hate, love, keep, finish, risk, consider, avoid
Do you like + eating
Would you like + to eat

Positive Sentences

Stop sending me cc’s please – it’s annoying.
I hate reading books in the car. It makes me feel sick.
I suggest phoning him asap.

Negative Sentences

I haven’t finished reading the report. I’ll need another week.
I couldn’t avoid hitting the car in front of me. It was so icy on the roads.


Would you consider reducing the price?
Do you like eating German food?


Exercises for the following subjects:

  • verb – object
  • verb with -ing
  • verbs with -to
can be found in the section ‘verb with -to’

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