Using Days and Months for a Project

Negotiations between Heike Pohl, marketing director, Stefan Weber, IT manager, Achim Steinfeld, CEO and Adrian Nowak, project manager from Quality Print, Industry Internationals printing company, about the production of the new catalogue.

Achim – Thanks for coming today. We’re meeting today to talk about the
production process of our new general catalogue. Bernd Seidel can’t be with us today, but he has sent his apologies. Before we begin, can I introduce Adrian Nowak to you all? He’s the new project manager with Quality Print and responsible for our project.
Adrian – How do you do?
Stefan – How do you do? I’m Stefan Weber, the IT manager.
Heike – And I’m Heike Pohl. I’m the marketing director. Pleased to meet you.
Achim – Good, Let’s look first at our current situation regarding the preparatory work in each area. Heike – what’s the situation with your team?
Heike – Well, everything’s running smoothly so far – the pictures of the new fire doors have all been taken and the accompanying texts are practically finished. I plan to pass them on to Stefan within … 3 days… today is Monday…that’s Thursday then.
Achim – I see. That sounds quite good! Stefan – how about your part?
Stefan – Yes, ehm, okay. The preparatory work has been done. And when we get the pictures on Thursday, we should be able to finish everything by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
Achim – Excellent! That means, we will have the catalogue ready for distribution in…
Adrian – Could I come in here? I know, you want to distribute the catalogue in early spring and a great deal of work has already been done, what is absolutely superb…. but I need to say that, unfortunately, it is doubtful that we can make it by then. You see, several steps need to be completed before such a comprehensive catalogue can be delivered.
Achim – Does that mean that it will take longer than expected?
Adrian – It’s not that bad. I’m confident that we can have it printed by … let’s say mid April.
Heike – You’re joking … mid April? The shipment and distribution will take another 2 weeks, it’s May then!
Achim – Heike is right. Our customers are expecting the new catalogue in spring. I’m afraid, we couldn’t agree to that.
Adrian – I understand how you feel! But we have Easter coming up and that shifts us back a few days. But it might be possible to do some extra shifts around Easter. Of course it would affect the price, but …
Achim – It sounds like a possibility to meet the deadline. Can you give me an idea of the extra costs?
Adrian – Of course, I can. I will do the calculations straight away and send you the results as soon as possible.
Achim – Okay, then. Let’s wind things up here. Thank you very much for your time.
Adrian – My pleasure. It was nice meeting you, Heike. And you, Stefan.
Heike – Have a safe trip back home.
Stefan – Goodbye, Adrian. This is my card – just give me a call, if there’s any technical information I can provide you with.
Adrian – Thank you very much, Stefan. Goodbye.
Stefan – (softly joking to Heike) will we have it ready by July…?
Heike – I don’t think that is funny…

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