Showing a Visitor the Warehouse

Anna Graf, international sales manager with Industry International, shows a potential customer from England the modern warehouse.

Anna – This is our high-bay warehouse: it incorporates four fully automated driverless fixed path cranes. By building this new warehouse we have doubled our capacity and are now able to store 33,000 pallets.
Mr Thornton – That sounds quite impressive, but does it guarantee flexibility? Our demand for all of your products is subject to fluctuations that we can’t predict. Will you be able to react flexibly to meet our needs?
Anna – Oh yes, we definitely will! Firstly, thanks to reduced costs and increased space, we are now able to store more items than ever. And secondly, the new software automatically informs users if an article is running low. Thirdly, all goods are available immediately!
Mr Thornton – How many staff do you employ in this warehouse?
Anna – We only have 2 people, responsible for monitoring the software and solving any problems.
Mr Thornton – Fair enough. Thank you very much for the impressive tour.
Anna – You’re welcome! Would you like something to drink now?
Mr Thornton – Coffee would be nice.
Anna – All right – If you would like to follow me.
Mr Thornton – Thanks.

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