Office Equipment

A staff member from Shanghai, Zhao Ai-Ling, is visiting Hamburg to learn more about the company headquarters and the German culture. Evelyn Bishop, Industry International’s staff development manager, is showing her her office.

Evelyn – There we are. This is your office.
Ai-Ling – Ah! It looks nice – bright and spacious.
Evelyn – Yes, it is – you’ll enjoy working here. This is Jana’s desk, she’s
responsible for internal training but she’s got a day off today. And this is Tom, our trainee. Tom, this is Ai-Ling from our Shanghai office.
Tom – Nice to meet you, Ai-Ling, and welcome to Hamburg!
Ai-Ling – Nice to meet you, too, Tom. Thank you.
Evelyn – And that’s your desk, next to the window. It has a computer, letter trays, a hole punch, pens, a stapler, scissors, and of course a waste bin. When you open the drawer, you’ll find a ruler, paper clips, an eraser, … – just have a look.
Ai-Ling – Seems I’ve got everything I need. Hmm, may I ask where the printer is?
Evelyn – It’s on the filing cabinet, next to the fax machine. It’s a network printer for everybody in this room.
Ai-Ling – I see – can I use it as a scanner as well?
Evelyn – Yes, you can. Oh dear, if I want to be punctual for the HR meeting, I need to go now. If you have any questions or need help – just ask Tom, he’ll be of assistance to you. See you later, Ai-Ling!
Ai-Ling – Yes – and thank you very much for making time for me.
Evelyn – My pleasure. Goodbye!
Ai-Ling – Goodbye!

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