Making a Call for a Telephone Conference

The Cardiff subsidiary of the company is conducting a conference call with the head office in Hamburg. They are talking about the budget figures for 2011. The participants of the call are Ying Zhang, head of controlling, Bernd Seidel, head of finance, Heike Pohl, marketing director, and their counterparts in Cardiff from the controlling department, Tom Jenkins and Shirley Jones. Bernd is calling the switchboard in Cardiff:

Bernd – Good morning, this is Bernd Seidel from the Hamburg office. Could you put me through to the controlling department, please?
Switchboard – Yes, hold the line please, I’m connecting you now
Louis – (Assistant controller): Hello, controlling department, Louisa speaking
Bernd – Hi Louisa, this is Bernd. How are you today?
Louisa – Oh hi Bernd, I’m fine? And how are you?
Bernd – I’m fine too, very busy at the moment – we are preparing the budget figures for 2011 and that’s the reason why I’m calling. Tom asked me to call him today because he is having a meeting with Shirley to discuss the budget figures for 2011.
Louisa: Oh yes, they are in the conference room. I’ll put you through.
Bernd – Thanks Louisa, talk to you later.
(Louisa connects to Tom in the conference room)
Louisa – Hi Tom, I have Bernd Seidel on the line to discuss the budget figures
Tom – Oh yes, we have been waiting for his call. Thanks Louisa, please put him through.
Louisa – OK!
Tom – Hello, Tom speaking
Bernd – Hi Tom, this is Bernd.
Tom – Hi Bernd, thanks for calling. I’m sitting here with Shirley
Bernd – Hi Shirley. I have Ying Zhang and Heike with me here.
Everybody: good morning!
Bernd – OK Tom, can you tell me what your budgets figures for 2011 are? Please start with the marketing department.
(Tom says something but Bernd didn’t understand what he said)
Bernd – Sorry Tom, I didn’t quite catch that. Could you repeat that please?
Tom – Sure, we have proposed…..
Bernd – I’m sorry Tom, but we seem to have a very bad line. May I suggest that I hang up and call you on the landline? I am phoning from my mobile phone at the moment.
Tom – OK Bernd. Do you have the number?
Bernd – I’m not sure. Can you give it to me please just in case?
Tom – Sure, The country code is 0044 and the dialing code is 01865 for Cardiff and our number is 34521. Our extension number is 120.
Bernd – Sorry, can you speak up a little bit please?
Tom – Sure, the complete number is 0044 1865 34521-120.
Bernd – Thanks Tom. I’ll call you right back.
Tom – OK, bye for now.
Bernd – Bye Tom.
(Bernd calls the switchboard)
Bernd – Hello, this is Bernd Seidel from Hamburg again. Could you connect me with the conference room?
Operator – Certainly, may I ask whose is calling?
Bernd – This is Bernd Seidel form the Hamburg office
Operator – Could you spell me your last name please?
Bernd – S-E-I-D-E-L
Operator – OK thanks. I’m connecting you now…
…..I’m sorry the line is engaged. Can I take a message?
Bernd – Tom Jenkins asked me to call him back. Could you try it again please– it’s very urgent!
Operator – Yes, just one second.
(Line is ringing)
Tom – Tom Jenkins speaking.
Bernd – Hi Tom, it’s me, Bernd
Bernd – Hi Tom, the line is much better now.
Tom – Yes, OK back to business. Our budget figures for 2011 are…

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