Inspecting the Building (facility management)

Rainer Neumann and his assistant Peter Falk are inspecting the building and its facilities.

Rainer – Let’s go and see the caretaker. He will be able to show us the yard and the factory.
Peter – OK
(Rainer and Peter are meeting with the Caretaker called Igon)
Peter – Igon, could you please show us the condition of the yard?
Igon – Sure, please follow me. Here we are. The gate and the fence have been repaired recently and the flood lighting has been checked on a regular basis.
(Now they go to the factory)
Igon – Here we have the rapid action door. It has been maintained regularly once a month and fulfils all safety regulations. The old fire door has been replaced with our own new product. The sliding door leading to the store room is going to be repaired next week on Monday.
Peter – Is the loading ramp free of ice in cold weather?
Igon – Yes, we make sure it is always safe by using a high-tech salt solution.
Rainer – And what about the railings. Are they secure?
Igon – Yes, they are securely fastened to the loading ramp.
(Now, they go in to the factory)
Peter – Is the alarm system checked regularly?
Igon – Yes, and we have also improved it. We also have CCTV and access authorization where every single employee has their own access code. We have also installed motion detectors.
Rainer – How modern is the fire alarm system?
Igon – We installed it last year and it is a state of the art system. When the alarm goes off, it automatically sends a signal to the fire department so we don’t just have to rely on sprinklers any more.
Peter – Can you tell us a little bit about the heating system?
Igon – Sure. We replaced the old oil heating with a new modern gas heating and installed 15 new radiators all over the building. The hot water boiler was repaired so we didn’t have to replace it.
Rainer – That sounds good. What about the ventilation system?
Igon – The ventilation system is very modern. It is regulated by an automatic time switch and is connected to a battery charger if the electricity supply fails. We have also installed emergency lighting to meet safety requirements. Also, because it is very modern, its electricity consumption is very low.
Peter – How do we deal with waste disposal?
Igon – We have outsourced those services. The service level agreement covers all aspects related to waste disposal, drainage, waste water, cleaning staff and snow clearance. And thanks to our pest control system our hygiene level is excellent.
Rainer – And what about security in the factory?
Igon – We have a security company which takes care of all security issues.
Rainer – I heard about the security incident last week. Have the relevant problems been sorted out?
Igon – Yes. It was actually a false alarm but we sent the security company the relevant instructions anyway and they reacted immediately by installing new fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, first aid boxes and put up new signs indicating where the fire escapes are.
Rainer – That all sounds very good. Thanks for your time, Igon
Igon – You’re welcome!

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