In a Restaurant

Business trip to Chicago: Achim Steinfeld (CEO), Silvia Greifer (logistics manager), Bernd Seidel (Finance Director), Jaques Dupont (procurement director) and Stefan Weber (IT manager) are travelling to Chicago for a presentation of the restructured logistics department.

The party have checked in to the hotel and decided to go out for dinner. They have found a nice restaurant.

Bernd – This is a nice place here isn’t it?
Achim – Yes, it is. What do you think Sylvia?
Sylvia – Yes, it is. Have you seen nice the cutlery?
Stefan – What do you mean? I can only see a normal fork, spoon and a knife here. What is so good about it?
Sylvia – It is made from Britannia silver!
Stefan – oh.
(Waitress comes)
Waitress – Hi I’m Tami. I will be your waitress this evening. Here’s the menu.
Achim – Thanks, Tami.
Tami – Would you like to order some drinks now?
Achim – Yes, please. Silvia what would you like to drink?
Silvia – I would like a glass of dry white wine please. And a bottle of sparkling water.
Tami – OK, thanks. And you sir? (looking at Bernd)
Bernd – I’ll have a beer!
Stefan – Could you bring me the wine list please?
Tami – Sure, I’ll bring it right over
Jacque – I would like a sweet red wine.
Achim – And I’ll have a light beer
Tami – OK, thanks for your order.
(Tami comes back with the drinks)
Tami – Here you go. Are you ready to order now?
Achim – Yes, we are.
Sylvia – Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
Tami – Sure. We have mixed vegetables and chilli con carne on the menu today.
Sylvia – OK, I’ll have the mixed vegetables please.
Achim – I’ll have the beef, with potatoes and broccoli
Jacque – And I’ll have the goose with lots of garlic, onions and peas. Could I have mashed potatoes with gravy with the goose?
Tami – Sure, no problem
Bernd – Do you have any stew?
Tami – Yes, we have a sausage stew today
Bernd – Fine. I’ll take that
Achim – Could I have rice instead of potatoes with my meal?
Tami – Sure.
(Tami comes back after they have finished their meals)
Tami – How were your meals?
Achim – Very nice, thanks
Tami – Would you like to see the dessert menu now?
Achim – Yes please!
Tami – We have carrot cake, chocolate ice cream, fresh fruit, and different toppings on the menu today.
Sylvia – No, thanks. I have had enough.
Bernd – I’ll have chocolate ice with strawberry sauce, please.
(After the dessert, Tami comes back and asks if the group would like coffee)
Tami – Would anybody like coffee?
Achim – Yes, we would all like coffee with milk and sugar.
(Tami comes back with the coffee and asks if she should bring the bill)
Tami – Here is your coffee. Would you like me to bring your bill now?
Achim – Yes, and could you give me a receipt with VAT, please?
Tami – Sure no problem
(Tami comes back and Achim pays the bill)
Tami – There you are. Thank you very much and have a nice evening!
Achim – Thanks, you too. Goodbye

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