Directions at a Trade Fair

At a trade fair in Barcelona, Heike Pohl, marketing director, and her team are standing in front of the exhibition centre.

Heike – Okay everyone, here we are. I’ve got your exhibitor passes here…there you go… and this is a site map. Our stand is in Hall A2, it’s number 3452. You just go across this road – but please use the pedestrian crossing, the traffic here is awful – and you’ll find the entrance behind the small bridge.
Wolfgang – Thanks, Heike. But aren’t you coming with us?
Heike – No, not yet. I need to go to our office to pick up some things for our stand.
Thomas – I can’t find our stand on this map…
Silvia – It’s over there, almost in the corner next to the snack bar.
Thomas – Snack bar? Sounds good! But how do we get there???
Silvia – Look: this is the entrance, you turn left there, go along the long corridor, turn right at the end and it’s the fifth stand on your left.
Wolfgang – And when you turn around you’ll see …. the Cordoba Technology stand.
Thomas – Isn’t that the company with the nice ladies we met here 2 years ago?
Wolfgang – It is…!
Silvia – Okay, that’s enough. Let’s go now. We’ve got a lot of work to do! See you later, Heike. And say hello to Miguel and Sofia!
Heike – I’ll do that. See ya!