Arranging a Meeting for the Trade Fair

Heike Pohl and her colleagues are arranging a meeting to prepare for the trade fair in Barcelona. She sent out an agenda for the meeting via email a few days ago, so everybody was able to prepare for the meeting.

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Telephone call between Heike Pohl and Anna Graf:

Heike – Heike speaking.
Anna – Hi Heike, it’s Anna here. How are you this morning?
Heike – Oh, hi Anna! Fine, thanks. And you?
Anna – Quite busy, to be honest. I’m in the middle of preparing for the trade fair. And that’s the reason for my call. I wanted to ask you a few things about the equipment at our stand.
Heike – Okay, Anna, fire away!
Anna – First thing, I need a projector and a screen. I’d like to give a presentation to some customers, who said they would visit our stand, a presentation about our latest fire doors that we’ve developed.
Heike – I guess that should be no problem. I’ll organise that. Anything else?
Anna – Yes. Secondly, I’d like to provide some handouts of these fire doors to take away. What do you think? Could our graphic designer create some samples?
Heike – That’s a good idea! I think that wouldn’t be a problem for John. But I guess it would be a great help for him, if you could provide him with your presentation.
Anna – Yes, no problem. Could you give me his email address?
Heike – Sure, just a second, I need to look it up… there we go, it’s
Anna – Was that .com or .de?
Heike – .com
Anna – Brilliant. I’ll contact him ASAP then.
Heike – Do that. And by the way: We have organised refreshments for your customers. If you need special beverages, just contact Bianca, my secretary. She’ll assist you. Do you know how many of your customers will attend the presentation?
Anna – Up to now … six people, out of seven. One has informed us that he can’t come to the trade fair and will consequently not be present at the presentation.
Heike – I see! Have you arranged an appointment with them?
Anna – Yes, I have. I hope I don’t need to postpone it, due to other trade fairs. The dates haven’t all been finalized till now…
Heike – I’ll keep my fingers crossed, Anna. It will work out all right! And if you need help, just let me know!
Anna – Thanks, Heike. I appreciate it. See you on Tuesday then! Bye bye!
Heike – Bye, Anna!

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Anna Graf, international sales manager, receives a call from a customer, Dave Johnson, who wants to meet her at the trade fair in Barcelona.

Anna – Industry International, Anna Graf speaking.
Dave – Good morning, Anna, it’s Dave Johnson from Building America Inc. How are you?
Anna – Hi Dave! I’m fine, thanks. It’s nice to hear from you. How are things in Seattle?
Dave – Oh, I can’t complain – the weather’s fine this time of year. I love the winter.
Anna – Do you? I must say, I prefer the sun. That lifts my mood!
Dave – I can imagine! Listen, Anna, I’m actually calling to arrange a meeting with you at the Barcelona trade fair. You see, I’m in Spain that week anyway and I’d like to attend your presentation about your new fire doors. And I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about some ideas that crossed my mind. Maybe over lunch?
Anna – Just as I planned! I’d love to meet up with you there. Okay, let me just get my diary… Good. When would suit you best?
Dave – Well, I’ll be at the fair every day and I haven’t arranged any appointments yet, so I’m quite flexible. How about Thursday at 12?
Anna – I’m a bit tied up then. How about another time?
Dave – Sure, no problem. 1 pm?
Anna – Yes, I can manage that. So that’s Thursday at 1. There’s a good snack bar near our stand, they were there last year. Shall we meet there?
Dave – Whatever you want! It’s fine with me. I’m looking forward to it!
Anne – It’ll be nice to see you then. Goodbye!
Dave – Bye bye!

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Anna Graf, international sales manager, calls her customer, Dave Johnson, to postpone the meeting at the trade fair.

Dave – Building America, Dave Johnson speaking.
Anna – Hi Dave! It’s Anna here. How are you?
Dave – Hello Anna. I’m fine thanks – you’re not calling to cancel our appointment, are you?
Anna – Not to cancel – but to postpone it. I’m terribly sorry, Dave. I’m afraid, something has come up. Would you be able to meet on Friday instead of Thursday?
Dave – Let me have a look… Yes, that works for me. Same place, same time?
Anna – Same place, same time! Thank you, Dave.
Dave – You’re welcome! See you then!
Anna – Goodbye!

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