Adjectives are used to describe:
a noun – It is a fantastic result – (adjective + noun)
a condition – I am hungry – (to be + adjective)


Describing nouns – (adjective + noun)
It is a boring job
I have a new car
Do you speak a foreign language?

Describing conditions – (to be + adjective)
He is afraid of the new boss
The weather isn’t nice today
She’s angry about the situation

Adjectives with –ing and -ed

Be careful! Look at the translations!
I am interested in .. – (ich interessiere mich für ..)
I am interesting – (ich bin interessant)
I am bored – (Ich habe langeweile)
I am boring – (ich bin langweilig)
He is tired – (er ist müde)
He is tiring – (er ist ermüdend)

For practise exercises go here: adverbs-versus-adjectives

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