A Tour of the Office Building

Thorben Koch, International Industry’s organization & recruitment manager, is showing Ai-Ling, the Chinese staff member, around the offices.

Thorben – Here on the ground floor there is a foyer with a reception and waiting area. Visitors receive a visitor’s pass before they are allowed to enter the premises, for security reasons.
Over there’s the door to the basement, where we store our stationary – pencils, plastic pockets, folders, paper, even keyboards, mice and monitors for IT.
Next to the basement door is the archive. There are a lot of files in there containing all the documents we need to keep.
Ai-Ling – Is that a statutory requirement?
Thorben – Yes, it is. Some have to be kept for 6 years, some for 10. You can imagine how much space it takes up…
Ai-Ling – Oh, dear! And expensive…
Thorben – You’re right! These are the visitor’s toilets – ladies and gents. This is the staircase which leads to the marketing department. Are the stairs okay or would you prefer to take the lift?
Ai-Ling – Oh, no – I’m quite sporty!
Thorben – Are you? What kind of sports do you do?
Ai-Ling – I love playing tennis. And I go jogging, 10 kilometers every day.
Thorben – Every day? Not bad! I wish I had the discipline… Here we are now, first floor, marketing department. Thomas Sommer and his customer service team have their offices down the corridor on the left.
Ai-Ling – How many staff does he have?
Thorben – Five. As you know, Industry International attaches great importance to customer satisfaction.
Ai-Ling – Yes, especially our after sales service – personally, I think that this is our key to success in the long run.
Thorben – Absolutely, I agree, it’s the high quality of our products and our reliability. Our conference rooms are here on the right, all equipped with state-of the–art technology.
Ai-Ling – Very impressive! What’s in the next room?
Thorben – There’s a photocopier in there. There’s also a vending machine.
Ai-Ling – Ah! I see. By the way, do you have a canteen?
Thorben – We do – it’s opposite this main building, on the left of the car park. Would you like to see it?
Ai-Ling – No, that’s okay, thanks.
Thorben – Okay, then I’ll show you the accounts department on the second floor and the IT-Department on the third floor…

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